Welcome to KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry!
My love of gemstones began many years ago. I started collecting, learning and growing to love the absolute beauty mother earth creates. In 2007 I decided to venture into making my own jewelry. For the first year or so it was mainly for myself, then gifts for friends and family. Everyone encouraged me to sell my jewelry so I took the plunge in 2008.
I live in California near my son, wife and two grandchildren. My close companions are my furry kitty babies, Buddy and Munchie. Oh, and of course my darling Sam! Munchie loves the beads as much as I do and you can often find him nosing around my beading supplies and pulling at the beads. When packages arrive he is always right there, waiting to see what goodies are in the box.
My creations are from the heart and I stand by every piece I make. Custom orders are also accepted.
Please browse my shop and send me comments even if you do not purchase. I love to hear what people think!!

KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry......puurfect jewelry creations from my imagination!

Welcome to my KatsAllThat Zibbet shop! My love of the beauty of Mother Earth's creations began many years ago with collecting gemstones and minerals. It has evolved into making my own line of creative and custom jewelry styles. I love using natural gemstones but also use crystals and glass to go with today's eclectic styles. Thank you for visiting my studio and enjoy the scenery!